Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ya I'm a dork I like computer games, and I've no qualms telling people about it. With so many people asking me about it I had to think about why I actually enjoy it. And the truth is I just enjoy the competition. In fact I would never play video games if our world was like this:

Because hell I could compete everyday at all times, but with sports to be really good I have to train all year for a handful of games. Video games you learn by competing so it's a win win. And hell I would probably play sports if I could just play but I can't. I have to get a team wait around get the guys. To play an hour of sports probably takes in the range of an hour and half to two hours plus hydration, food etc. An hour of games take, well; one hour. I can wake up and play or come home and play no hassle and when I'm done no recovery time.

Different people play for different reasons so this is only why I play. Leave comments if you like games and why.

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