Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Dream

So inevitably a show will eventually come on that touches your soul. The male and the female characters seem to be so connected so in love that it's almost perfect. How could someone love another that much. It's sappy and yet it invigorates and lights your core. You feel inspired/touched/moved by this.

Now after the feeling wears off you wonder is that real... can I have that? You think back on people you know or have come across, and I'm sure we all know a few people who seem to have THAT worked out. Ya they're in love they just click and it works.

So going through these thoughts I wonder does love like this exist. I've dated a small handful of people and dealt with a larger handful in my day. I've met some people that I just mesh with. We just get along. Almost as if it was just meant to be. I've met the girl and we've talked and it was as if we knew eachother all along. I've been in love... I've cared about someone more than I've cared about myself. Teenage whimsy? Maybe... but part of me has tasted that fire that burning spirit of connection. We all want that... I want that... you want that... So patience because these things aren't planned they just happen... Show me love

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