Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mind Body and Spirit

I read an article recently where someone suggested addressing mind, spirit and body everyday. This will lead to emotional well being, bodily health, and mental sharpness/ development.

I am giving it a try and started today, but in case you are interested here is a brief rundown of what I am trying to accomplish.

Mind: Do something that actively develops you as a person. This could be reading, undertaking some hobby, or doing a task that perhaps you have been afraid of/unsure of doing in the past. Today I read for an hour on a topic that interested me for example. This blog is also an example of that. I am not a particularly good writer and this is my attempt at bettering that aspect.

Spirit: This is very different for everyone. For those of us who do not belong to a certain religion this would involve meditation, or self reflection. A moment of quiet if you will. For those of us with religious inclinations it would be studying your religious text, religious music, etc. I meditated and read today, and I only lasted 10 minutes on the meditation, but it was actually very relaxing and fulfilling. I feel much calmer now.

Body: This is the easiest one to explain. It's running, playing a sport, lifting weights, whatever. Today I ran for about 30 minutes and did some stretching. I'm doing crossfit at least one day this week.

Anyway I don't plan on daily updating my status, but in case anyone else is interested I wanted to fill you in.

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