Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dreaming Big and Doing Little

I think we all find ourselves at one point or another having a what if mentality; though I find myself being more guilty then most. I've set to take on and learn tasks far more then I've set out to try tasks. Just developing a list off the cuff of ideas for which I have devoted far more research then action would be:

real estate investing

pick up

weight lifting

growing rich

restaraunt owning

dog training



blog writing

etc etc etc

People with higher levels of intelligence tend to over analyze and I find myself gathering research with the intent of doing things perfectly and then drop it all off at the door without executing. In fact I would say that I am more apt to undertake most of these tasks on this list then the average beginner. I know how to research and plan and I do a damn good job of running the ship. The problem is that success is a luxury of doers. Action is what procures results and I find myself lacking. You know I can blame alot of crap and alot of people for this lack of decisiveness (who can't), but at the end of the day you have to pick up your own rope and get off your ass.

So now I set out what remedies this problem and frankly I have no idea or I wouldn't be suffering for it. So to start out I will set myself up with a to do list for three days and assess the results.

To do list for tomorrow:

Study for the CPA for 2 hours

Work out for at least 15 min (running)

repost on the blog

Ya it's small but I have to start somewhere.

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