Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Dream

I have this weird dream sometimes. It doesn't happen extremely often but it has happened more than once. The reason that makes it stand out is how bizarre it is and how vivid it is. I'm not sure what to make of it so try your interpretations out.

In the dream I'm listening to someone tell me story, but it's almost like they are narrating the pictures. So they tell me about these cliffs somewhere in the world (I guess ..Africa) where animals go to die. And as they relay the story to me I can see the cliff and animals are walking up the side of it and just falling off of it. It would be funny except there is a very macabre feeling about it. The animals just march slowly and then fall off. The two animals I really remember are a rhinoceros and a giraffe. The animals just walk off fall into the water and then float to the top and float away. They don't make a sound and there is a long line of animals waiting to fall off. Another scene is crocodiles, like really huge ones, but they are eating each other. There is a guy there (maybe me or maybe not) trying to pull the eaten crocodiles out. He is trying to save them but it is too late and already dead.

I know everyone dreams, but I mention this one because A) it has reoccurred and B) it is weird and not tied to anything that was going on the night or day before. I really wish I could remember the last time I had this dream, but I can't.

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