Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've been to many weddings, but never one where I knew both the bride and groom fairly well. Prior to the ceremony starting we cracked up and made jokes as we're known to do and as the groomsman walked forward we couldn't help but chuckle as our friends put on their "serious face" as they took their place among the gazebo. In fact everyone was enjoying the ceremonious splendor of it all.

Then Leslie came out. She looked ravishing to say the least, but the entire mood of the crowd changed. The lights were now focused on the bride and groom (as it should be). As they saw eachother for the first time I felt this strong presence of love. It permeated the entire audience and for a moment we all felt this bond that Leslie and Nick shared. It was truly inspiring. We felt true love, and that's why I think people love weddings; because even if just for a few minutes we feel this connection between two people. It was amazing.

It also made me think of the permanence and relevance of love. True love speaks louder then any poem, any story, any song. It is beyond description, and yet the awe of it and longing for it connects us all. Thanks Leslie and Nick because you showed us what true love is.

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