Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mind Body and Spirit Update

It has been quite some time since I have written a blog. And while I have had thoughts about what I was going to say through my own fault I have not documented them.

One of my former posts was a commentary on attempting to do something for the mind, spirit and body on a daily basis. Here’s an update:


I’ve been reading quite a few books and this has been my primary means of supporting this attribute. My main focus has been on reading books regarding financial matters as I will be teaching a class this Spring to help others get out of debt/properly save. (If you’re interested holla back) Two of the books I have read are Your Money Counts by Howard Dayton and I am currently reading Sound Mind Investing by Austin Pryor. They are great reads and I recommend them. Sound Mind is more nuts and bolts and Your Money Counts is more biblical based. Additionally, I am still reading How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This is probably one of the best books ever written. If you haven’t read this book it will change the way you communicate. I know that I am still trying to apply Carnegie’s principals to my life.


Going into this journey this was probably the area I was least excited about pursuing, but has been the most fulfilling. As I said before this area can mean so many different things to people. It can range from meditation and self reflection to practicing your religion of choice. For me it has been a journey that has tied into my classwork for the Crown Financial Class I spoke briefly about above coupled with prayer and church. Often I try to compartmentalize my life and that leads to internal strife. By undertaking a daily spiritual journey not only do I have an increased definition of my spirituality but an increased comfortableness with where I want to take my life.


Body has been another great journey. As many of you know I have been taking crossfit and the change has been dramatic. My body composition has really started to change. I’ve become faster, stronger, and in better shape in a dramatic way. I have before and after pictures which I will post in a few weeks. I started out on a no carb diet but have gone back on carbs with the hope of gaining some muscle mass. My weight went from 165 down to 150 and now I’m back up to 160 or so. Additionally I’ve been taking creatine as well which would contribute to the weight gain.

To comment on the no carb diet it is a great way to lose weight. If you want to drop some lbs and haven’t tried it then I highly recommend it. The fat will drop off. I’ve now done it three times and have had good results and have more or less kept off the weight. Right now I am focusing on eating only fruits and vegetables as my source of carbs along with very few whole grains. In the long run I feel this is the best strategy for maximum health.


The results of my daily focus have been even more dramatic then I could have pictured. By improving in all three aspects I find important I feel that I have become a better person. I recommend it if you haven’t tried it. I’ll make a more substantial post on each topic in the future.

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