Friday, October 16, 2009

Post 100- Time to Refocus

My 100th blog post. This is a considered a milestone in the blogging community. For me it’s been a journey in and of itself. My first few posts were sporadic and few and far between. I set out with the goal of making regular posts and improving my writing. I started with the commitment of one a week and then switched to two. Every Tuesday and Thursday for five months I have released a blog. If you’ve been with me since the beginning thank you. I appreciate the support.

I read a post a few days back by Penelope and she mentioned that if you aren’t blogging for others then you should just start a journal. It’s a good point. Regardless of my goals I release what I create because I want to add value to someone else. So why haven’t I been writing for these people? I thought about my blog theme or message for the better part of three days. I realized that my blog is about trying to discover the best life. Whether I’m talking about an activity I engage in, a 30 day experiment, a restaurant I’ve tried, or an idea I’ve had the theme always comes back to finding out what maximizes the human experience. I haven’t done a great job of pushing that theme in everything I write and that’s a mistake.

From this point forward look for my posts to always tie to that central message. This gives you the reader an expectation of what to expect when you check out my writing. I am sharing with you a piece of my journey in discovering the best life. With that idea in mind I’ve thought about how to better tailor my posts. Instead of just talking about activities I will do a better job of describing the activity, atmosphere, and who I think will benefit from the activity. For my 30 day experiments I’ll try and focus more on how the change has affected me emotionally and the benefits vs perceived benefits I anticipated before I started.

I also plan to share a lot more blog posts written by others that have both inspired and encouraged me in my journey. There are a lot of great writers out there and I should share their great ideas. In conclusion, my new focus isn’t on me anymore it’s on you. How do I turn my life and experiences into something that benefits you in your life? I love to try things and some of you guys are too busy or not interested in taking the time to try everything. I hope that I can do that for you and possibly help you discover a new passion or activity that adds value to your life. If you have an idea you’ve wanted to try then let me know about it. I’ll give it a go and let you know my results.

In the near future I have a few things coming down the pipe. I am currently reading Good Calories, Bad Calories and will probably give a 30 day extreme diet a try. I’m still documenting my dreams with the hope of going lucid. I’ll share some experiences as that comes to fruition. I’m going to write some better tailored posts for crossfit, salsa, yoga, and rock climbing under what I hope to be my new format. I look forward to the next 100 and I hope you are pleased with the changes to come.

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