Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This is going to be a sort of quick thoughts for the day. As I’ve approached my 100th post I’m going to re-approach my blog. I’ll go into more detail in the 100th post, but I hope to make the blog more entertaining, relevant, and beneficial to you, the reader.

My next thirty day experiment is going to be a very strict paleo diet. I’m trying to explore the change in energy levels that people mention in various posts I have read. I’m currently reading Good Calories, Bad Calories in preparation.

Lucid Dreaming is going well. I’m still flip flopping between very vivid dreams and almost no dream recollection at all. I’m attributing this to a change in sleeping schedule, but am still focused on going lucid. Plus, the dream recollection has been entertaining. I’ve been very surprised with the variance in dreams that I have.

I am debating taking on some meatier posts that will require some research. It will depend on if my annoyance with the issue has subsided in the next few days.

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