Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Quick Thoughts: Lucid Dreaming Update

Just wanted to provide a quick update on my dream recall for my lucid dream experiment. According to the instructions I am following I need to do this for two to three weeks before moving to step 2. Beginning with this week my dream recall has become more substantial. Many of my dream recollections cover half a page to a page. Writing it down has enabled me to recall my dreams throughout the day. I have had three very vivid dreams and a few days where I could not remember anything at all. I would guess that on mornings when I can’t remember anything it’s because I was woken up by an alarm during a non- dreaming sleep cycle.

Occasionally now I will wake up in the middle of the night and be conscious. I state in my mind to go back to sleep and lucid dream. Not sure if it is having an effect, but my biggest breakthrough came on Wednesday night. In my dream I went to sleep and woke up in my dream world. I was around two or three blinking clocks and was trying to set the alarm. David (my brother) came in to talk to me about getting his shirts stolen and then I woke up in real life. It was an odd feeling after the fact to realize that I had gone to sleep and then woken up in this dream world. I feel I was on the cusp of going lucid. Right now though I still am just playing a part in events and don’t have conscious control of my actions.

I’m hoping for a break through this weekend. I often do best on the weekends because I can sleep as long as I want and as you sleep for longer periods of time you predominantly engage in REM sleep which is a dreaming state. Hope everyone has a great weekend I’m off to Dallas for the A&M-Arkansas game!

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