Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How I Lost 30 Pounds of Fat 2011- Why You're Fat

I remember talking to my mom in the junior high/highschool time frame and coming away with the idea that I was overweight because her side of the family had was overweight; so it ran in the family. Genetics is an easy culprit because it’s vicitimless. It’s not my fault it’s just how my body reacts. It’s a load of crap. Man has existed for 2 million years or so and obesity is really a problem of the last 50 years or so. We've gone from almost 0% of the population being obese to 30% and it's growing. Genes don’t change that much in that short of a time.

Let’s take that one step further. Obesity is a symptom. It’s a symptom of a lifestyle. You can’t just fight the fat and eat less than you consume. That is an activity that you choose to make and when you stop the activity (get to your target weight/fall of the wagon) the weight comes back on because you attacked the symptom. The problem is your lifestyle. The problem was my lifestyle. I was sedentary, drank 2-4 cokes a day, and ate loads of sugary foods and processed carbs. I couldn’t lose it by going on a diet because it came back. I had to change my lifestyle. That is where the permanence comes from. You have to live your life differently.

And this will be one the hardest things that you ever do. And the most fulfilling. You have to see the mountain for what it is. You are changing your way of life. And that is why you must make the affirmation statements and mentally commit to the program. You have to change what you have been doing for 20+ years of your life. That’s hard. That takes commitment.

Einstein said that insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You can’t diet to your weight and maintain it. You addressed a symptom, you have to commit to changing a lifestyle. Interestingly I read an article about a man that lose 300 pounds because the guilt he felt when he couldn’t fit into a chair at a restaurant with all his friends. It took drastic embarrassment/commitment to change his lifestyle. So what will you do to make the change permanent?

• Develop measurable weight loss goals
• Develop daily affirmations posted on your mirror to repeat and on your refrigerator to stop you when you try to cheat
• Keep a food log (mobile pics or written) to write down the food you eat on your diet days and the items you will have on your cheat day (really helps you hold off on the cravings)

Don’t make this something you do for a few weeks and revert to your old habits, because you are wasting your time. You don’t want it bad enough and you are going to fail. If you can’t commit to a major change it’s not going to happen. Stop and think about what it means to you. Write an affirmation about it and read it. You have to believe it well before you do it.

If you commit and really do it the payoff will be that you have accomplished something that most people will not accomplish in their lifetime. A major lifestyle change. To do it will take major work.

We are in this together and I'm ready for the journey.

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  1. to make a change you have to make a change. i just paraphrased your entire post in a sentence. what do i win?