Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lessons from Vancouver #2- Do You

As I was driving to Whistler the Bay around Vancouver is surrounded by snow tipped mountains. As if you are sneaking into some uncharted lake that has been preserved and kept in its natural state. Aside from small fishing houses dotting little forested islands there isn't much in the way of man made... well, anything. As I sat on the bus staring at the sight before me I wondered how I would convey through words this moment and capture even a fraction of it in my blog. I determined I would show a picture, but the picture wouldn't do it justice because it could never capture the expanse, or allow you to feel the sheer presence that is almost ominous but at the same time peaceful, majestic, and glorious. And of course it made me think...

The value of direct experience cannot be under estimated. If I tell you about something and how it changed me you are limited by two things. Both my recollection, which isn't very good, as well the lesson I learned. You see when we do something or go somewhere the universe brings to our attention things we need to see and lessons we need to learn. We carve our reality through our perception.

It's why two people at the same event can have a completely unique experience. For example, an Uncle takes his 8 year old nephew Adam to a parade. Afterwards it's one of the best parades the Uncle has ever seen. The floats are amazing, great bands, and the atmosphere was just fantastic. He asks Adam about it and his response "I liked all the trucks". It took awhile for the Uncle to realize Adam was talking about the trucks that pulled the floats. You see Adam loved trucks as a ten year old boy and that is what shaped his perception.

So books and recounts of travels are important because we learn about the other person and a little about the place, but it can't be all we do. For each experience and moment has something to give to each person. We have to be there and receive our lesson. So like before do things, gain nuggets of wisdom. Become better and be the one who regals those with lessons and moments from a fruitful life.

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