Monday, December 13, 2010

Quotes- Slow and Steady

Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up. Discharge your duties faithfully and well. Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts. But you build discipline by preparing for fast spurts… Slug it out one inch at a time, day by day, at the end of the day – if you live long enough – most people get what they deserve.
- Charlie Munger

Charlie Munger long time business partner of Warren Buffett, is well known for not only being a great investor, but maintaining a long list of other interests as well. He's right, to do anything of value you must make slow measured steps. Big jumps will come, but our life and it's rewards are the accumulation of a lifetime of work. Small measured changes make a man not a flash in the pan change of course.

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