Monday, December 20, 2010

Quote- You Are Not Your Possessions

That was one of many reminders in my life that you can’t buy your way into being someone interesting. Even if we ooh and aah over someone’s new car or gadget, our subconscious isn’t fooled. Deep down we know that purchases don’t define anyone...

What defines us is what we do with our time, both through grand accomplishments and our mundane daily habits.

A lot of people have the equation backwards. They do boring things so that they can have enough money to purchase what they think is extraordinary, and try to stand out that way. But it doesn’t work. We all know that status symbols are just symbols, and we instinctively try to peel back that layer of a person to figure out what they’re really about.

...I think money is great. It’s just a question of how to spend it. You can spend it on plane tickets and apartments in interesting cities, or you can spend it on Chinese-made items with luxury brand names on them. When you’re making that decision, just remember: it’s not the stuff you buy that defines you.

-Tynan You Aren't What You Buy

This puts into words one of my core philosophies. I've stated it before that value is in maximizing experiences with people you care about. I couldn't have said it any better so I posted the meat of the blog post from Tynan. I can't imagine a life where I work, buy stuff, work, buy more stuff, die. It's not for me. When we step out into the world and try something new those experiences illicit ideas and characteristics that forever change who we are. We become a new self. Transformation is permanent, a new object dwindles away from the day you purchase it. In buying my new car I've further strengthened that feeling. A month long trip to Europe and a new car were my two big purchases. I will have another vehicle, but my memories and my ideas that were created in Europe are changing me even to this day. What do you value?

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