Thursday, December 30, 2010

How I Lost 30 Pounds of Fat 2011

Howdy folks. Many of you read my story regarding How I Lost 30 Pounds of Fat over a period of several years as well as how I recommend others go about it. Many of you have asked me for advice based on these posts. So starting on January 17 we are going to do it together. I don't have thirty pounds to lose, but I would like to get to around 10% body fat which means losing 10-15 pounds of fat and would be the skinniest I have ever been. So without further ado here is the plan:

The Diet will consist of the following rules

- No white carbohydrates(this includes bread, potatoes, whole wheat, muffins, dairy, deserts, etc. etc.) only exceptions I know of are onions, cauliflower, etc. ie. non root vegetables

-Pick 3 or 4 meals for the week and repeat them This will help us maintain our diet and develop a no-thought routine that we can easily maintain.

-Don't eat fruit

-Eat breakfast and do it within one hour of waking

-20g protein per meal

-Cheat for 12 hours one day a week. Anything goes... anything and as much as you want

What we will not do:
-Count calories

-Not have our cheat day

-Go hungry

I will additionally be taking supplements to boost weight loss and engaging in ice therapy. If you would like more information on the diet or more details on the additional phases please email/facebook me. This diet and all that it entails can be found in the book 4 Hour Body. I recommend it for anyone wanting more background on the science behind the diet and additional information. If you have questions post in comments and I will answer. The diet starts Jan 17 if you would like to join in the fun. I will make some more posts outlining the best foods for the diet in the near future.

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