Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quotes- Competition

There is something that can happen to every athlete and every human being; the instinct to slack off, to give in to pain, to give less than your best; the instinct to hope you can win through luck or through your opponent not doing his best, instead of going to the limit and past your limit where victory is always found. Defeating those negative instincts that are out to defeat us, is the difference between winning and losing--and we all face that battle every day.
-Jessie Owens

I read an interesting article last week from the New York Times on the abilities of elite athletes. Come to find out they go through the same pains and trials as the average person. They just have a mental acuity to fight through the pain. Jesse Owens summed it up best above. To succeed in anything we must challenge ourselves. Too often we look for the easy road, when hard work is the answer.

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