Thursday, July 2, 2009

Woman in the Red Dress Part 2

I wanted to share with you a story on accountability and how it can change your life for the better. I am sure that most of you don’t remember the post I entitled the woman in the red dress. To sum it up shortly I mentioned that occasionally I would see a girl that I felt compelled to talk to, and not talk to them. I made a commitment in the post to not let that happen again.

After writing that post I missed one opportunity shortly afterward and chickened out. I remember going over that post in my head and how guilty I felt not sticking to my commitment. I couldn’t pass up the next moment, it wasn’t worth the loss of pride. So after one failure I recommitted that I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity again. Fast forward to April:

I found myself at our rock climbing gym and I noticed a girl walk in with her friend. There was something that I was instantly captivated by. I don’t know if it was in the way she smiled or the way she giggled, but I knew that I had to meet her. She just had this glow about her. If I didn’t talk to her I would regret it. I remembered my post. I remembered my commitment.

Her and her friend were set up four or five ropes down from where I was climbing and I chat them up for a few minutes before it is my turn to climb. By the time I am back down from the wall they have moved on to another part of the gym. I obviously wanted to keep talking to this girl so I tell Adam to climb the route next to theirs.

Me: “Hey you’re going to climb this wall.”

Adam: “What the hell. Dude I can’t climb that it’s 5.10 and higher.”

Me: “I don’t care rainbow it, do whatever. I’m going to talk to this girl.”

As Adam more or less sits halfway up the wall I chat her up some more. She smiles, though she’s not sold yet. We talk for about another 10 minutes and Adam comes off his perch. On my turn I climb a 5.10 which was the hardest route I had done to date. I go find the girl and hoping to impress her tell her that she should give it a try. She smiles and then destroys it in about 2 min. I had taken 20 minutes and several breaks. I laughed, she smiled, and I got her name so I could facebook her later.

Fast forward 2 months and we’re together. We have so much fun and always find new and exciting adventures to get buried in. I’m having the time of my life. And what’s the alternative? I’m sitting with my hands in my pockets thinking about the time I saw a girl and didn’t go talk to her because I didn’t want to risk 2 minutes of possible embarrassment. Really? Take my advice it’s worth it. Risk the 2 minutes for the 2 months.

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