Saturday, February 7, 2009

Three Positives from a Negative

I've been working alot for the past 6 weeks. See 70+ hours. Unfortunately this has limited my blogging. I am almost done reading two books and I will post book reviews/thoughts for the time being here is the results from the my little weekly project.

I heard an idea that I have tried this week. Whenever you perceive something as negative, you name three positives that have come out of it. It's actually a really good idea and something I recommend. Here's an example:

Negative: Working 70+ hours
1) I have gained a greater appreciation of free time. It has helped me realize how precious my time is and not to waste it.
2) I really enjoy working with/motivating others. As people become burned out I have been able to take the opportunity to encourage those around me.
3) I've really learned alot and grown from pushing myself this hard. I'm being refined for the better and this experience will/is making me a better person.

Try it for yourself, and you'll be surprised of the affect it has on your attitude.

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