Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rodeo Run

This was my third race and my first 10K. The other two being the Astros Run and the Run for the Rose. This run was definitely alot more crowded. An estimated crowd of around 10,000 participated and it was very difficult coming out of the gate. As always there are a few individuals who start above their pace and fall back. This creates a congested first mile and a half. For the first time I had headphones and I'm really glad I brought them. It gives you something to do and the faster paced music definitely keeps you aware of your steps.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the course. As the rodeo parade was occurring later in the day part of our track went through the parade crowd. They were great and cheered us along and children wanted to give us high fives. It definitely energizes you. Along most of the track as well there was music playing. I had not seen that at my other races. I was really impressed. Once the 10K and 5k crowd split the course was much more manageable and everyone had alot more room. I definitely paced well as I was within 30 seconds of my final pace (approx 9 minutes give or take). As I didn't train I was probably more lackadaisical then my brother. At one point we passed a sewage plant and my "OMG you just farted" joke was only met with a half cracked smile... he was in the zone.

Going into the finish I tried to just gun for it but I was gassed and only slightly able to increase my pace. The snack area was large, but with so many people hard to navigate. Though I must compliment the volunteers for doing so well managing everyone.

Overall this was my favorite race I have run and I would definitely do it again. For anyone who hasn't tried a competitive race you should definitely go for it. You tend to run slightly faster than your training times and the atmosphere is always enjoyable.

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