Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Quick Thoughts The New Business Atmosphere

An interesting shift has started in the online world. We are starting to see a movement to uncopywriting or the free flowing of ideas. Seth Godin has mentioned this phenomenon in much of his writing and sold it through his Tribes book.

The premise is that now what gives people power or success is voice. The more people you can reach the more value you create, and thus eventually the more money you make. Creating niche communities is where we see people shifting. Apple and Google have both done a great job of defining their consumer. It’s more of a marketing focus then selling their product. On a smaller scale, each of us now has the right to have a voice. My blog is my voice, my facebook is my voice. Even though it’s small it has an effect. Each consumer is now more powerful than ever.
We all are our own brand. Because I have a blog I’m conveying something about myself every time I write a post. I hope to eventually find a something that I am so interested in; that I can a blog about a particular subject and develop my own tribe. Right now though my blog has the purpose of developing my writing talent and materializing my thoughts, but still each post I make develops my voice.

I’m strongly considering getting a video camera for my trip to Europe and starting to do some video blogs. It’s a larger upfront cost, but it’s a medium that is just now being explored. Plus some of the things I enjoy doing such as food reviews and event reviews around Houston would be more enjoyable I believe in a video format. I thought it would be cool if you could see the vibe of different locations for yourself before attending. I know if someone else did it I'd watch.

If you’ve read Outliers much of one’s success is opportunity, is this not the next big thing? I think that it definitely could be. I hope some of you find a way to take advantage of this new horizon. It’s coming whether we like it or not.


  1. Kevin! I bet you didn't know that I read your blog... but I found it a couple of weeks ago and added it to my rss! Anyways... all dorkiness aside (if that's possible) I have a good friend who just started a website called Anyways - she writes Houston reviews, blogs, etc... and lets other people contribute their thoughts/reviews/articles as well! You should check it out, I bet she'd love the types of things you'd want to write, especially video reviews! That's all :) I enjoy your writing!

  2. Haha ya you never told me that's awesome. I had a friend yesterday tell me she discovered my blog and read it for an hour. I'm glad you commented that makes it more fun.

    I went to his/her website and noticed it was down, but it seems like a really great idea. My brother and I almost started a similar website, but I just don't do reviews. It is a daunting task to do so much. If he/she wants some contributing authors let me know.

    Are you in India right now? Looks like you do some videos, what editing software do you use?