Friday, December 4, 2009


It's a rare treat when it snows in Houston. For one it NEVER happens here and more importantly you tend to get off of work. They like to say it's for safety reasons, but I secretly think it's because even old men like to stand outside mouth open to catch a few flakes themselves. I'm sitting at home as I type this basking in the awesomeness that is this wintery wonderland.

One of my coworkers is from Missouri and as we sat in our corner conference room staring wide eye at the blizzard he said, "I forgot how crazy snow makes you guys down here." (He doesn't say ya'll what a loser!) It got me thinking about how thankful I was for the snow today because it's different. It's rare and new. If it snowed every winter it wouldn't be half as special.

It reminded me that change is a joy. When we find ourselves in new circumstances it's an opportunity for something magical to happen. It's something to embrace, appreciate, and love. Next time you wonder if change is the right way to go think about the snow. Sometimes the new and rare brings us the most joy.

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